Feel the magic with Foxy Bingo

Bingo is far from a glamorous game, but the social nature makes it easy to overlook all the image.ashxshortcomings and there are plenty of people who enjoy it.

Play2win managed to build a healthy community of players, focusing on promotions and tournaments that bring players together.

There are pushing the envelope and this September, there are brand-new campaigns and generous prizes to collect, while also competing against fellow players.

The Millionaire Genie slot provides the diversity for those who want to take a short break from traditional bingo. They will maintain the connection with the game of choice, but still get to choose to spin the reels of a slot machine that is truly or original.

The guaranteed prize pool consists of €2000 and all this money can be yours if you play between Wednesday at 8 PM from September 9 onward. The month has just begun, so you will have the opportunity of cashing in on several prizes if you are truly lucky.

The money awarded depends on the strength of the hand made by players, with a full house playing the first prize of €1200. Half of that amount will go to those who make one line, while a lucky recipient of €200 will be the one who makes two lines.

A minimum investment is required and if you spend as little as $.25 on a ticket you will receive several more often a maximum of six free cards.

It is hard to think of a better way of starting your bingo adventure at Foxy Bingo, especially if you are not willing to play a single genre. Just keep in mind that Wednesday is the specialty of the week and you need to be around at 8 PM to participate in this campaign.

The promotion starts this week and will conclude at the end of September, with all players have the same chances to win regardless of how much they wager.

The free tickets will be awarded randomly, so highrollers and beginners are given a fair chance in this race and it doesn’t matter if you just jumped on the bandwagon.

Check out the official website for the price breakout and put your luck to the test, because Foxy Bingo would be glad to reward you generously. This campaign is not mutually exclusive with other bonuses, so if you have pending ones, feel free to join