More mobile friendly games go live at Maria Casino

Maria Casino has always been an invaluable aid to those who wanted to make logo-maria-casinothe transition from desktop computers to mobile devices.

It took a while for them to bring all the games up to date and make them compatible with smartphones and tablets.

On the bright side, all the new games that are introduced have to run smoothly on these devices, so we are riding a positive trend.

In 2016, the top priority was the expansion of the collection of games available, by signing new agreements with other software developers. In addition to working closely with industry leaders, they keep an open eye to other mutually lucrative arrangements.

For example, players can now enjoy the games produced by Tom Horn Gaming a new software developer. While he doesn’t have the scope and experience of its more established counterparts, the company has high expectations.
They provide not only online casinos, but also brick-and-mortar ones with top-quality software.

These games are produced in several locations all over the world, but they have offices in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. They work on to directions and in addition to creating new games every year, they sign agreements with more casinos.

These act as a springboard for them to promote their latest games and meet prospective customers half way.

Looking back over the last couple of years, it is impossible not to observe the fact that the portfolio games has increased a lot. They walk in the footsteps of other software developers who are now producing games that are compatible with mobile devices.

This is the direction that many casinos tend to follow, yet Tom Horn Gaming offers some truly original games. The advantage of teaming up with them is that players can experience the thrills of slot machines that can’t be found anywhere else.

Tom Horn Gaming is not only a producer of games, but also offers personalized solutions to online casinos. The seamless integration with tablets, smartphones and other mobile gadgets makes them stand out from the crowd. It is only fair to assume that this is what caught the eye of Maria Casino in the first place.

With customers from more than 30 countries using their games at the time of writing, the future looks bright and promising.