Trustly gains traction at Gala Casino

Online casinos Gala are adding new payment methods and a constant rate, in an logo-galaattempt to provide their members with alternative options for deposits and cash out.

One of the things they require is for members to use the same financial instruments for funding their account and cashing out their profits.

This is done with the sole purpose of mitigating the risks of fraud and money laundering, yet players are given a great deal of flexibility to use prepaid cards.

Gala Casino has always been trying to offer convenient ways of depositing and withdrawing money, so that players don’t have to pay any commission.


Since most of their members are located in either Sweden or Norway, it was only natural for them to focus on payment methods popular in these countries. Trustly is a shining example and it was added on the list of accepted money transfers earlier this year, while also being at the cornerstone of some great promotions.

It all started with the Big Summer Raffle which awarded a total of 10 summer gifts on a daily basis to people who deposited using this financial instrument. The Swedish online payment method allows users to transfer money instantly, without paying any commission to their banks.

Those who reside in Estonia, Denmark, Poland, Italy, Finland and stay can also use it and the transfers are done manually, while only requiring a couple of easy steps.

Players should know that there is no need to open an account, as the transfers are made directly from the online account to the bank. The odds for having the bank listed among the financial institutions that enjoy coverage are very good, since Trustly works with hundreds of banks.

It is perfectly possible to use mobile devices for the purpose of depositing and withdrawing funds, so you can stay on the move all the time and have your account properly funded.

The payment method is already very popular with Gala Casino, but it wouldn’t surprise anyone if more promotions will be targeted at its users. The last time players were provided with the incentive of using this financial instrument, they won hundreds of Euros, a premium Weber BBQ and also coveted football tickets for the Sweden versus Montenegro football match.

It’s a pretty tempting proposition, especially with this financial method incurring no commission and no hidden fees.